Understanding the incompatibility between local knowledge and modern lifestyle

An Indonesian version of this article was published in Pro:aktif Online magazine, December 2017 Edition: http://proaktif-online.blogspot.com/2017/12/opini-mem]-inkompatibilities-antara_19.html. This paper also inspired a deeper elaboration entitled Indigenous Livelihood, as a Book Chapter in the Routledge Handbook Regenerative Food Systems (Eds: Jessica Duncan, Michael Carolan & Hans Wiskerke), Routledge Publishers [2020]. How can you buy or sell the […]

Covid19, society and environmental crisis: reflection on modernity

Introduction This article was written right into the third week of the implementation of work-from-home policy in my office, anticipating the wider spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia, and the city of Bandung in particular. In these three weeks, social media timelines have been filled with various reports about the coronavirus and its impact on society […]

A plea for cats

I published this article a few months ago, but I took it down in the midst of uncertain conditions. I bring it up again now, in the hope that it could be a lesson for all. I received a terrible news in the beginning of Covid19 pandemic last year. My campus had just issued an […]

A new learning chapter

It has been seven years since the last time I wrote in this blog. I was surprised to find that this webpage was, in a way, still active. Seven year is surely not a short time, and the journey that I have been through has been, at least for me, a meaningful one. The stories […]

Food in the grasp of capitalism

Various cases surrounding agriculture and food in Indonesia have been emerging in the past 68 years since the independence of Indonesia. Deforestation and social conflict with indigenous communities due to the expansion of oil palm plantation in Borneo and Sumatra, importation of million tonnes of rice that threatens rice price┬ástability that precipitate to rice farmers […]

Indonesia, (Covid19), and the dream towards food sovereignty

This essay was written for a Webinar organised by Ganesha Magazine, PSIK and Tiang Bendera at ITB, May 22, 2020. Introduction: Covid-19 and the fragility of the modern food system Susan Leigh Star, an American sociologist, once wrote, “crises reveal all that is hidden”. In his study of ‘a study of boring things’ [1], Star […]

Reviewing The Meritocracy Trap [Daniel Markovits, Penguin Press, 2019]

On the topic of Social Stratification in the Agricultural Sociology course, I usually invite students to leave the classroom and play in the field. The method is simple: in the middle of a hot day, I take them to a race, with a bottle of cool drink waiting on the Finish line for those who […]

In search of a space to play

This paper is an introduction to a more detailed discussion of land access and sovereignty in the AKATIGA Journal of Social Analysis vol. 23 No.2 of 2019. The specific article can be downloaded. Also, read other interesting articles here! Today I felt a bit nostalgic. I remember thirty years ago (when I was seven years […]