Food, Agriculture, and Islam

Introduction: Transcendental food and agriculture There is no doubt that agriculture and food are important, if not central, to the teachings of Islam – and this is also true of other heavenly religions. Just think of how the heavenly religions describe Paradise, the Garden of Eden built of beautifully tended, well-ordered vegetation, with colorful flowers, […]

Looking into evolution, biology and morality

About a month ago, I was challenged by colleagues in the DISKURSUS group at the Salman Mosque ITB to explore what I had learned in college about the theory of evolution. Feeling no longer competent to discuss it from a biological perspective, I tried to write a review of the theory of evolution as a […]

Exploring the meanings of food security

Commemorating Indonesia’s 69th independence, it is interesting to look at the meaning of independence in relation to food. In his 1941 presidential address, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt emphasized that there are four forms of freedom that should be inherent in every individual – freedom of expression, belief, from fear, and from basic needs (clothing, […]

Resilience and Indonesia’s agrifood systems

This is my personal narrative of an academic paper that I prepared for a discussion at the AKATIGA Center for Social Analysis last June 2016. The paper (in Bahasa) can be downloaded here:┬áPaper_Angga_AKATIGA. Let’s stop for a moment at the end of 1997. At that time the dry season was prolonged. Many rain-fed rice fields […]

Food as embodied politics

It is a common norm that food security and sovereignty require that societies are able to reduce dependence on one type of food, or shift from a global food system to local food provision. But have you ever asked why various government programs to diversify food through non-rice sources of carbohydrates have allegedly failed miserably? […]

Highlighting the Dark Side of the Global Value Chain of the Clothing Industry

Clothing, Food and Civilization At the beginning of this article, I would like to emphasize that I am not an expert in the field of fashion and the textile industry. My writings are mostly about agriculture and food, the environment, and occasionally religion. One thing that I initially thought food and clothing had in common […]