Research & Publications

My research focuses on the social study of agriculture and food (agrifood studies), with topics ranging from food security-sovereignty, sustainable agriculture, alternative food movements, global value chains, digitalization of agriculture, and the nexus between food, agriculture, environment and society. I use mainly post-structuralist political economy approach (assemblage thinking, ANT, governmentality, and theory of practice).

Selected Publications

Dwiartama, A., Kelly, M. & Dixon, J. (2022). Linking food security, food sovereignty and foodways in urban Southeast Asia: cases from Indonesia and Thailand. Food Security [Q1 Journal; Impact factor: 1,39].

Forney, J., Dwiartama, A., & Bentia, D. (2022). Everyday digitalization in food and agriculture: Introduction to the symposium. Agriculture and Human Values, 1-5 [Q1 Journal; Impact factor: 1,359].

Forney, J. & Dwiartama, A. (2022). The project, the everyday, and reflexivity in sociotechnical agri-food assemblages: proposing a conceptual model of digitalisation. Agriculture and Human Values. DOI: [Q1 Journal; Impact factor: 1,359].

Dwiartama, A., Nirbayati, W.F., Giri-Rachman, E.A., Niloperbowo, W., Tan, M.I., Anin, A. (2022). Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice towards Hepatitis B Infection Prevention and Screening among Indonesians. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19(8):4644. DOI:

Dwiartama, A., Purnamahati, R.R., Pramudya, A.D., Megawanto, R., Nalang, V.S., Sumedi, P. (2022). Analisis Pengembangan Kebijakan Internasional dan Nasional Bioprospeksi. In Potensi Bioprospeksi Indonesia bagi Pembangunan Ekonomi NKRI (Eds:Hadi Sukadi Alikodra & Enny Sudarmonowati). Bogor: Penerbit IPB. ISBN: 978-623-467-038-7 [in Bahasa]

Dwiartama, A., Pratama, M.F., Saputri, S.R. & Irsyam, A.S.D. (2021). Field Guide Buah Lokal Jawa Barat. Bandung: Penerbit ITB. ISBN: 978-623-297-157-8 [in Bahasa]

Matar, Z.A., Dwiartama, A., Suantika, G. (2021). The Effect of Implementing the Integrated Management System in Seawater Desalination Plants in Conflict Zones: Case Study on the Gaza Strip. Future Cities and Environment 7(1): 9. DOI:

Dwiartama, A. (2020). Antara Akses dan Kedaulatan Lahan: pergulatan masyarakat periurban di Sekepicung atas hak ruang-ruang publik (Between Land Access and Sovereignty: the struggle of peri-urban community in Sekepicung for their right of public spaces). Jurnal Analisis Sosial AKATIGA 21(1): 1-18. [in Bahasa]

Abdulharis, R., Kusdiwanggo, S., Nurlinda, I., Widianingsih, I., Dwiartama, A., Pratama, M.F., Iskandar, G. H. & Rakasiwi, U.S. (2020). Perhutanan Sosial, Pengakuan Wilayah Masyarakat Hukum Adat, dan Pembelajaran dari Pengelolaan Hutan oleh Masyarakat Hukum Adat Kasepuhan Ciptagelar. Jurnal Analisis Sosial AKATIGA 21(1): 72-91. [in Bahasa]

Dwiartama, A., Purnamahati, R.R., Pramudya, A.D., Megawanto, R., Nalang, V.S., & Sumedi, P. (2020). Membangun Cetak Biru Bioprospecting di Indonesia [Building a Blueprint for Bioprospecting in Indonesia]. Bandung: Penerbit ITB. ISBN: 978-623-7568-96-4.

Neilson, J., Dwiartama, A., Fold, N. & Permadi, D. (2020). Resource-based industrial policy in an era of global production networks: Strategic coupling in the Indonesian cocoa sector. World Development.

Dwiartama, A., Tresnadi, C., Furqon, A. & Pratama, M.F. (2020). Building Food Security through Local Food Initiatives: a case study in Bandung city and its surrounding. Jurnal Sosioteknologi 19(1): 92-111. [in Bahasa]

Dwiartama, A. (2020) Indigenous livelihood. In Routledge Handbook of Sustainable and Regenerative Food Systems (Eds: Jessica Duncan, Michael Carolan, and Han Wiskerke). Routledge.

Faridah, L., Rinawan, F.R., Fauziah, N., Mayasari, W., Dwiartama, A. & Watanabe, K. (2020). Evaluation of Health Information System (HIS) in Surveillance of Dengue in Indonesia: Lessons from case in Bandung, West Java. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(5): 1795.

Hernawan, E., Rosmiati, M., Lastini, T., Sofiatin, Dwiartama, A., & Rahman, H. (2020) Agroforestry as a model of sustainable land use of small-scale private forest: a case study in Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia. International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management 10(2-3): 194-206.

Pratama, F., Dwiartama, A., Rosleine, D., Abdulharis, R., Irsyam, A.S.D, Lastini, T. (2019). A documentation of underutilized fruit trees (UFTs) across indigenous communities in West Java, Indonesia. Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity 20:9.

Piatti, C. & Dwiartama, A. (2019) Provenance for Whom? A Comparative Analysis of Geographical Indications in the EU and Indonesia. In The Role and Significance of Geographical Indication as a Tool for the Development and Democratization of Agri-Food (Eds: A. Bonanno, K. Sekine & H. Feuer). Routledge.

Neilson, J., Pritchard, B., Fold, N. & Dwiartama, A. (2018). Lead firm strategies in the cocoa-chocolate global production network: an assessment of the deductive capabilities of GPN 2.0 applied to the case of Indonesia. Economic Geography [Impact factor: 2.735]

Dwiartama, A. (2018). ‘From disciplinary societies to societies of control: an historical narrative of Agri-Environmental Governance in Indonesia.’ In Jeremie Forney, Chris Rosin & Hugh Campbell (Eds). Agri-environmental governance as an assemblage: multiplicity, power, and transformation. London, UK: Routledge Publishing.

Dwiartama, A., Tresnadi, C., Furqon, A., & Pratama, M. F. (2017). From Initiative to Movement: The Growth and Evolution of Local Food Networks in Bandung, Indonesia. Asian Journal of Social Science Studies, 2(4), 91.

Dwiartama, A. (2017). Resilience and transformation of the New Zealand kiwifruit industry in the face of Psa disease. Journal of Rural Studies [Impact factor: 2.444]

Dwiartama, A. & Suheri, T. (2016). Youth, identity, and community resilience: an ethnographic record on a social transformation in the periurban of Bandung. Jurnal Analisis Sosial AKATIGA 20(1-2): 197-215. [in Bahasa]

Dwiartama, A. (2016). Resilience thinking, fluidity, and the agency of a quasi-actant. Dialogues in Human Geography 6(1): 28-31 [Impact factor: 1.243 – 2014 data]

Dwiartama, A. & Piatti, C. (2016). Assembling local, assembling food security. Agriculture and Human Values 33: 153-164 [Impact factor: 1.359]

Dwiartama, A., Rosin, C., & Campbell, H. (2016). ‘Worlds of Rice: Understanding agrifood systems as assemblages’. In Richard Le Heron, Hugh Campbell, Nick Lewis & Michael Carolan (Eds). Biological Economies: Experimentation and the politics of agrifood frontiers. London, UK: Routledge Publishing.

Dwiartama, A. & Rosin, C. (2014).  Exploring agency beyond humans: the compatibility of actor-network theory (ANT) and resilience thinking. Ecology and Society 19(3): 28 [Impact factor: 3.310]

Rosin, C., Dwiartama, A., Grant, D., & Hopkins, D. (2013). Using provenance to create stability: State‐led territorialisation of Central Otago as assemblage. New Zealand Geographer 69(3): 235-248 [Impact factor: 0.526]

Research Projects (Selected)

2022 – 2023.     Beyond the success and failure: understanding resilience in community-based conservation practices; with ACES (Principal Investigator)

2019 – 2021       New Directions in Agro-environmental Governance: Digitalization of agriculture and its impact on farmers’ livelihood – with Dr. Jeremie Forney; funded by SERI Switzerland

2020                 Measuring Social Impact towards the Implementation of New Approach on Traceability System in Coffee Value Chain – with PT. LAPI ITB, SEEDS Indonesia and Upnormal Coffee Roastery; funded by Coffee Innovation Fund GIZ, Germany (Principal Investigator]

2018 – 2020       Local Fruits for Local Food Security – funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Indonesia [Principal Investigator]

2017 – 2018       Achieving food security through Alternative Food Networks – funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Indonesia [Principal Investigator]

2017 – 2018       Value chain study of Indonesian coffee and cocoa sector – with Dr. Jeff. Neilson; funded by ACIAR Australia

2015 – 2016          Penerapan sistem pertanian kota terpadu di masyarakat marjinal di kota Bandung / Integrated Urban Farming System for marginal communities in Bandung – funded by ITB

2015 – 2016          Pemetaan gerakan pangan lokal dan alternatif di kota Bandung / Mapping local and alternative food movements in Bandung, Indonesia – self-funded

2012 – 2013         The Good Food Project: mapping Dunedin’s local food system – with Dr. Cinzia Piatti; self-funded, supported by CSAFE, University of Otago, New Zealand