Biodiversity locks various potentials. How far has this been unravelled? How can we protect our biodiversity and use it sustainably? SITH ITB and KEHATI Foundation made an initiative to develop a blue print for the implementation of bioprospecting in Indonesia.

Biological Economies is a new approach in understanding biological resource management. Instead of doing business as usual, this book tells stories from a different perspective, and sees resources more than just ‘commodities’, but also part of our social lives.

The word sustainability implies a way of maintaining our food system for the future generations. But what if the system itself has no longer functioned properly for us? This requires us to employ a novel approach: creating a system that can repair itself and the environment – we talk about Regenerative!

Agri-environmental governance talks about a scheme to build a balance between agricultural production and environmental sustainability. Beneath such scheme, lies complex social issues, involving power relations, social transformation, and the frailty of our food system. This book discusses about these aspects.

There is a complex relationship between Geographical Indication (as a community-based intellectual property right) and the dynamics of global agri-food systems. This book discusses critically the implication of GI on our food system.

This edited book reflects Indonesia’s higher education amidst the current Covid pandemic – from teaching methods to pedagogic paradigm. This book is a contribution of academics from various universities in Indonesia.

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